Makeover My MemberVault

Makeover My MemberVault

MemberVault can be customized extensibly... if you know your way around a code editor.

But what if you aren't a web developer, code junkie or CSS whiz?

As one of MemberVault's original Certified Partners - I know my way around this platform like the back of my hand (by the thumb there's a little mole and there's a crease where I cut myself when I was five.... oh wait we're talking about MV right?)

But all kidding aside, as powerful as MemberVault is and as customizable as it can be - you still have to understand CSS, HTML, Javascript and more to really make the most of it.

That's a lot to learn if you want to do it yourself, and sometimes you just want to a few little things here and there - not a complete overhaul and not enough to warrant hiring one of the amazing Certified Partners (or, ahem, myself) to do it for you.

So what if there was a way to get access to all my little tips and tricks I use when I set up MemberVault for my own clients and for myself?

Well now there is!

Grab your access to this resource that I'll be growing with more tips, tricks and requests as you send them...

Oh yes did I mention that I'm adding to this weekly?

You have the chance to get your specific request answered and included in the collection!

Not too bad for such a low investment right?

Sign up today and start your MemberVault Makeover!

*NOTE: This product is currently in Beta so that means it's a bit sparse right now. I have a bajillion lessons on the planned roadmap though and lessons will be added each week. You'll be notified via email when new lessons come out!

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